Day 5

Had a productive weekend, brought a few boxes to the second-hand shop. One of the heaviest boxes with plates broke in my hands. Plates survived, but hourglass didn’t. I got it once when I needed a timer for Asa: she was a small puppy and we needed to punish her once in a while (lock her alone for a few minutes). Guess what, never used it. Like many things that I’ve own.
Leaves we got with Hanna once before Xmas; the bowl I really liked, but they didn’t last long (I had 3 and they all simply had cracks).
Said goodbye to some wedding presents too, don’t see a need anymore to keep them. I was happy to receive them and to wear them but we didn’t use them anymore.
Books. Always super sad to give them away, but I know I’ll never read them. James Bond novels were the very first books I was able to read in English, together with Harry Potter, so I really had a sentimental feeling to them. California guide was an impulsive purchase in the airport when I traveled to States for the first time. 25 bucks I’ll never get back 😉
I’ve learned the lesson though.


Day 2.

It’s funny and impressive how much stuff can accumulate without you even trying hard. Got painting from my mum, so she gets percolator instead. Got those funny plates on the road trip to Middleburg; I suspect golden thread on the right was still made in USSR; Bye-bye my awesome backpack, we had an awesome festival life together.
All goes to the secondhand shop.